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Sorry for delays - sick ratties! :(


Hi all, been a while since I last blogged.  Production has slowed down a bit and the Cheezwedges are now a tad overdue, I've had two of my ratties get sick one after the other so I've been running to and from the vets and spending a bit more time with them, keeping an eye on them and making sure they have their meds and special food to give them vitamins and keep their weight up.  First to get sick was my big fatboy Odie, who one Monday evening was sluggish and unsteady on his feet, but with no head tilt.  By Wednesday after a vets visit where I got Baytril for him, I thought I was going to lose him and he was on my lap while I silently said goodbye to him, he was limp and unresponsive with porphyrin on his eyes and nose, it was awful to see.  Thankfully being a fatboy who always loved his food, he still wanted to eat and took his meds on a bit of soya yoghurt, and ate some of the excellent WeightUp Baby! from the Rat Warehouse.  By Thursday night he had perked up a bit but was still a bit sluggish and unsteady, but on Friday morning when he came to the cage door to greet me I could have blubbed with happiness.  I don't know to this day what sort of infection he had but the Baytril worked and he's now back to his usual self.  

While all this was going on Tiger developed noisy rattly breathing again, he's been prone to this flaring up but this time it was pretty bad.  My vet gave him Baytril which he was on for just under a week but it did no good and this Tuesday morning he was gasping for breath and looking so poorly I took him to the out of hours vet, who popped him in a tank with oxygen and gave him a couple of injections and then some Zithromax.  They didn't have any Doxycycline and have had to order it in and it will be here on Wednesday so Tiger is going back to get some.  The Zithromax has helped his breathing a lot but he still rattles and honks a bit if he gets excited, so it's not completely gone.  I fear it'll flare up now for the rest of his life :(  Thankfully he too loves his food and wolfs down the meds and WeightUp supplements.  Fingers crossed for him, he's such a gentle little thing <3

Cube/Cheezwedge news and lower stress levels!

Big changes now happening at Fuzzbutt.  The lovely Fuzzbutt Ladies who currently sew the hammocks, Stack-a-Fuzz, Choobs and Corner Crushes are now part-sewing my Cubes for me, and will soon be learning how to part-sew sew the Cheezwedges.  By "part-sew", I mean that they cut out all the fleece/fabric needed for each cube, then put [...]

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Just a few changes :)

It's been a busy year at Fuzzbutt and things have shifted since I started getting some of my gear sewn for me.  This has allowed me to stock a much larger volume of hammocks in lots of different fabrics, plus I've introduced 4 new product lines too, also in a wide range of fabrics.  This [...]

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Win a Luxury Snooze Cube!

If you buy any of my Halloween range this year, get your camera out and get snapping to win one of these Luxury Snooze Cubes in a unique fabric not for sale on my website on any other products. Email me your photos here and I will upload them to my Facebook page.  There will be [...]

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Halloween mentalism

Well, Halloween is nearly upon us again but for me, it starts in July when I start ordering in miles of black fleece and orange cotton.  The Pumpkin Cubes are super popular and I have to make so many that I need to start in July/August, do preorders and get them sewn in September with [...]

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London Pet Show aftermath

We had a busy but super weekend at the show and the Fuzzbutt stand was resplendent in twinkly lights and packed full of Fuzzbutt Goodness.  The hoardes descended as soon as the doors opened and by Sunday afternoon nearly all the Snooze/Hoojcubes and Cheezwedges had gone.  I was expecting Sunday to be a bit emptier [...]

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Vacation closure

I'm on holiday from 27th June to 14th July so will be closing the store on 24th June in order to pack and send off any outstanding orders.  I'll reopen on 15th July :)

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New site!

Well here is the new website, it's been a long time coming so hope you like it!  It may be a bit patchy for the first few days while the domain name transfers across.  I had a bit of a nightmare doing a test transfer with another domain and I got locked out of the [...]

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