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Corner Crush

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As is the tradition at Fuzzbutt, I didn’t want to produce yet another triangular corner hammock that is already out there on the market. So in March 2007 I developed THE MULTIWAY “CORNER CRUSH”. Start a SquishFest with your Fuzzies, as they pack into this snuggly hammock and bed down for the night. 

  • Regular Crush measures approx 7″H x 10″ D x 20″ across when fully opened.
  • NEW SIZE Crush is a bit bigger and measures approx 12" from rear seam to front, 6.5 high at the back and 10" high at the front, and 19" max width when hung.

Hang it in the cage corner as normal, or hang it across the cage using the two outer eyelets for a pointy hammock.  Or hang with the two outer eyelets together for a swinging sleep sack.  There are photos of how to hang it on each product page

See the Fuzzy Gallery for customer photos or see the product comparison page for some helpful info.

If Crushes are out of stock, keep checking the “What’s being sewn?” page to see when new ones will be ready.