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*PREORDER* Pumpkin Cubes!


95% of the Halloween gear is done, I am waiting for the remaining Halloween cubes to come back to me for finishing.

However due to my paranoia that I *never* sew enough Pumpkins, you can pre-order yours now to be sure of having one ready for Halloween.  You will also be helping me to manage numbers so if stocks get low, I can have more sewn.

If you are planning on buying more Halloween gear once it's released (hopefully mid-September), I will combine your Pumpkin with any other gear you order and send them in one package, refunding your pre-order pumpkin postage. Drop me a note on checkout asking me to hang on to your order :)

If you JUST want a pumpkin and want it sending as soon as possible, put a note on checkout and let me know.

  • Pumpkin Cubes (all sizes) DONE!
  • Homer Pumpkins - DONE
  • Halloween Cheezwedges- DONE
  • Scary Snooze Cubes - DONE
  • Halloween Choobs, Stacks, and Double Stacks - DONE
  • Pouch Pods - to finish
  • Halloween Lux Hooj and Snooze Cubes - expected back with me this week
  • Homer Halloween Stacks - TO DO
  • 12x17" hammocks - TO DO