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Product info

Fuzzbutt products are individually hand-made here in the UK by me – that makes each one totally unique.  As much care as possible has gone into the sewing process, and the Fuzzbutt label will tell you it’s an original.  All product sizes quoted on this site are approximate.  Due to the hand-made nature of the products and the various thicknesses of the fabrics used, I can’t guarantee them to be millimetre-accurate in their sizings but I will always strive to be as accurate as possible with the measurements.

If you are not happy with the quality of your product when you receive it then you can return it to me for a FULL REFUND (not including postage).  Providing the products have NOT been in a cage and exposed to animals I will happily accept them back.

PLEASE INSPECT YOUR PRODUCT UPON ARRIVAL before you put it in the cage. If there are any serious defects/tears/fraying or loose threads, notify me immediately.   Once the item is in the cage and exposed to Fuzzies, I cannot be held responsible for any defects you may discover at a later date. Upkeep of the product is your responsibility – ensure that any loose threads or chewed bits of fabric are safely cut away, to prevent tangling with Fuzzy legs and claws, and throw it away once it’s hanging by threads ;o)

My products are fully washable with the following instructions:

Washing instructions

Keep away from fire! The fleeces and fabrics are not guaranteed flameproof.

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback to my products please let me know using the CONTACT page. I will strive to improve the products and meet the demand for what you guys want to see and buy out there. Please leave reviews on the products you buy, so I can see what you think!

This cart currently uses PayPal, enabling you to pay using your credit/debit card quickly and securely.  You don’t even need to have a PayPal account to use it!  PayPal uses the following cards:

Credit cards that PayPal takes

You can also pay by cheque (UK only) or bank transfer (UK and international).