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Resize Ramp

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New from Fuzzbutt - the adjustable Resize Ramp!  See the product video HERE.

This product was borne of frustration with my cage layouts each time I cleaned out.  There are plenty of ramps already out there but they are all a fixed length, and if you change your cage around every now and then, you want a ramp that will fit every scenario.  Some of the fixed length ramps are very long and IMO, could be unstable in the middle when a rattie is running along them.  So here is a potential solution icon-smile.gif

The Resize Ramp is approx 25" x 8.5" and has a polar fleece inner for extra thickness.  Specially positioned eyelets on it that allow for 3 stages of size adjustment.  When you shrink it, you secure the excess ramp with small book rings, then hang up in your cage with your usual hangers.  Or you can use the book rings to join two ramps long-sides together to form a large hammock.  If you hang the ramp full length you can use the middle eyelets for stability hangers, to prevent wobbles.  If you have a HUGE cage and need a ramp even longer, you can use the book rings to join two ramps together, again at variable lengths.  I would strongly recommend you use middle stabilising hangers if you want an extra long ramp though.

If you don't vary your cage layouts and want a joined-up ramp to be a permanent length, just use small tie-wraps (100mm long for example) you can get on eBay and secure through the eyelets.  Make sure you sand the cut edge when you trim off the excess of the wrap though!

As always, feedback wanted on this new product so if it needs improving I will do what I can :)

Below are the positions where you fold the ramp so that the eyelets will match up for hanging. 

Resize Ramp folding guide

Resize Ramp how-to guide