"Stack-a-Fuzz" - Foxy foxes

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Polar fleece lining, hidden polar fleece inner layer for more thickness, and a polar fleece or cotton outer.
Top part of the hammock is 10" square, bottom 15" square.
See the product comparison page for some helpful info.  If hammocks are out of stock, keep checking the “What’s being sewn?” page to see when new ones will be ready.

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SKU: stack-fox
Width: 15.00 (in)
Depth 15.00 (in)


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Written by fantasticrats on 2nd Mar 2018

must order more stuff because my rats love it

It was the 4.time I ordered stuff here and it’s perfect! Make an order is easy, shipping process is good in time. All the hammocks and cubes and the other things to cuddle in Are very good in processing. There are many lovely details, the fabrics are nice and colorful and working good together!!! Thank you so much for this perfect sewing and thinking about what rats like!!!!!

Written by Ventura Hidalgo on 1st Jun 2016

Best ever

My chinnies love it! Perfect to cuddle or hide. I can't get them out of it!

Written by Lisa Koop on 16th Aug 2014

Affordable quality

My boys love anything Fuzzbutts, all 4 of them are piled into their Stack-a-Fuzz right now! I have a lot of different products, from different sellers too but Fuzzbutt items are hands down the best quality out of them all. There will always be something Fuzzbutty in my set-up.