"Stack-a-Fuzz" - Purple yellow

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Polar fleece lining, hidden polar fleece inner layer for more thickness, and a polar fleece or cotton outer.
Top part of the hammock is 10" square, bottom 15" square.
See the product comparison page for some helpful info.  If hammocks are out of stock, keep checking the “What’s being sewn?” page to see when new ones will be ready.

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SKU: stack-purpyell
Width: 15.00 (in)
Depth 15.00 (in)


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Written by rebecca on 27th Jan 2016


Such great quality. My ratties love it. Received with a bag of treats and sweet little message. So so lovely! Worth much more.

Written by Paul. on 2nd Mar 2015

Not destroyed by our rats!

We have 2 rats and have tried a variety of beds styles and from several suppliers, but this is the first one that they have not chewed through almost immediately! I think they like that they can see in all directions, as they normally create "windows". We will stick with this design from now on. And yes, it is very soft and comfortable (although I'm not sure that they really care about this aspect, to be honest!).

Written by Kerri Smith on 16th Aug 2013


I was abit unsure about ordering this as i've never used a hammock this shape for my ratties, but i didn't need to worry :) My 3 older lads love it! They sleep all snuggled up together inside it and on the top of it My fuzzies give this their seal of approval

Written by Julia Wickett on 30th Jul 2013

AMAZING! I am so impressed!

My Ratties LOVE the stack-a-fuzz hammock! They are always in it. The quality of this product is out standing, it will take my Ratties a loooong time for them to chew this hammock up. I am very pleased with my purchases and will definitely look here first when looking for cage comforts in the future!!!!!!!!!

Written by Julia on 30th May 2013

Great value, Ace Quality - The only downside is trying to remove my Chinchilla!!

I purchased this fabby new product at the London Pet Show for my horribly spoilt Chinchilla. He's had snoozecubes (lux Snooze is his favourite size) for a while now so I wasn't sure he's take to this new design. Luckily I need not have worried, he uses it a fair bit alongside his snooze. Love the quality, so squishy I want one!! 100% Spooky Staypuft approved product.