12.5x17" hammock - Camo

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Polar fleece lining and cotton or fleece outer, hidden polar fleece inner layer for more thickness.  The all-polar hammocks are now thick enough for flooring or bumble pads.

These hammocks have been made for me by "The Fuzzbutt Ladies", skilled seamstresses who are sewing some of my gear for me. They are to the exact same standard, thickness and quality as the gear I sew myself - I'd not put the Fuzzbutt name on them otherwise ;)

Measures approx 12.5×17″ they are perfect for Jenny and Critter cages.

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SKU: 12x17-camo
Width: 12.50 (in)
Height 17.00 (in)


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Written by Deb Pitchford on 10th Sep 2020

Fantastic quality hammock

Another very well made hammock to add to my growing collection! They wash extremely well too. As with all Fuzzbutt products, most definitely the best chinchilla bedding available!

Written by Ang on 14th May 2020

Love this fleece

My boys have had camo theme since I got them and this is a lovely thick hammock for them

Written by Susan on 18th Sep 2019

Hammock is Excellent

These hammocks are exceptionally well made, of a quality that is hard to find. I hang them in various configurations to stimulate and entertain my ratties.

Written by Jess on 11th Apr 2015

LOVE. THIS. HAMMOCK. Best one ever.

I can tell it's going to last forever, already been through the wash multiple times and I'm lucky that the lads don't chew the fabric - they love tearing some other ones apart. Love the patterns. Merry & Pippin do too, I can tell. So sweet that this came with a little pack of treats too, thanks Fuzzbutts! I'm stocking up, honestly. Seriously impressed.

Written by Ruth on 2nd Apr 2015

Great quality as always

So well made. Love the material and the sturdiness. Brilliant.

Written by Sarah Llewellyn on 28th May 2013

Off the schnurgle scale

These hammocks are off the schnurgle scale and such fantastic quality. I just have one problem: I am bitterly jealous of my rats. A heads up for you: when I win Euromillions, I will be commissioning you to make some human-sized cheezwedges and various other items for my mansion.