"Homer" mini Snooze Cube - Crash bang boom

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For the mini-Fuzz in your life - eepers, hammies, degu, gerbils, meeses, Suggies - a smaller version of the famous Snooze Cube. Measures approx 7.5"l x 5"d x 5"w, with a polar fleece inner and outer, and a rear corner seam "emergency Exit".

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SKU: homersnooze-crashboom
Width: 7.50 (in)
Height 5.00 (in)
Depth 5.00 (in)


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Written by Eunice on 1st May 2015

Love it!

This snooze cube is the bed of one male mouse. He was rescued and everyone thought at first that he was a girl until one day we realised that he wasn't! :) He is currently on his own and likes hiding and sleeping in this cube. It is warm and snug and it looks really nice in the cage too. Every mouse that has ever lived with me, has loved the fleece beds. They are made from good quality material and apart from being comfortable, they allow the mice to have some privacy or a place to hide if they are afraid. Although, William is on his own, after neutering, it's hope he will share with some other mice and there will be room for them in the fleece bed too. It's a reasonable size to fit several mice.