Fuzzbutt is based in the UK so this page is for all my EU customers to make them aware that now the UK has left the EU, if you order from me and you live in any EU member country, your order could be subject to VAT at your country's rate, plus potential import taxes and a possible handling fee.  Please see below for an extract from the Royal Mail website:

  • Items sent to the EU from England, Scotland and Wales are subject to VAT and duties in the EU. The value of goods thresholds are detailed below.
  • Orders valued at under €22 (including shipping cost) will remain part of the Low Value Consignment Relief (LVCR) Scheme for items sent to the EU and are not subject to VAT or duties until 1 July 2021 (subject to further extension date to be set by the EU).
  • Commercial items/goods (excluding personal correspondence) sent to the EU over €22 and below €150 may be taxed at the border and may incur a customs clearance/handling fee in the receiving country.
  • Commercial items/goods sent to the EU over €150 may attract VAT, customs duties and a clearance/handling fee.
  • The customs authorities in the destination country and the customs thresholds in place determine if charges are due on imported goods.
  • The levels and thresholds of charges vary from country to country. Royal Mail cannot advise on what these may be.
  • Please contact the relevant delivery service(s) for your country to find out what charges you may be facing.

This website here has more information on the charges and how they are calculated.  If anything I've said here is incorrect or you have any further useful information then do let me know, as all these new rules and regulations are making my head spin.

Apologies for being the bearer of miserable news, but there are still plenty of bargain Fuzz products you can buy that will come in at under the €22 threshold so it's not all bad :)