Medium Choob - Spots & flowers LAST ONE

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SKU: choobmed-spotsflowers
Width: 14.00 (in)
Height 9.00 (in)


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Written by Jan on 5th Jul 2016

How many rats can you squeeze in a Choob!

My 5 girlie rats are loving their Choob - has not taken them long to slightly re design and enhance the holes - but its proving very popular along with their Stack a Fuzz which they love sitting on top of as well as inside. Hours of fun and relaxing!

Written by allie on 29th Oct 2014


I buy approx 2-3 of these a year for my degu's. They fit my 3 boys in perfectly for a nap. Whilst degu's by nature have moments of destruction they seem to leave them alone (after removing the label which is the first job) for a good while. It's in the top of the cage so I do inspect it weekly to make sure it's safe but always manage to get another one ready for when they decide to take it down.