Medium Choob - Woodland foxes

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SKU: choobmed-woodfox
Width: 14.00 (in)
Height 9.00 (in)


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Written by Mya on 20th Sep 2019


Great quality, great service and great products! The best hammocks I’ve ever bought. Thank you so much!

Written by Beki Clarkson on 17th Oct 2014

Choobtastic !

My parcel arrived today and this is one of the items I ordered, It's so well made and looks awesome ! Love the spider fabric with the orange fleece, it feels really good quality and looks great !

Written by Kim S. on 3rd Jun 2014

Cute and Durable

I ordered this for my girls to spruce up their cage, and since they liked sleeping in their ground tunnel, I thought this would be perfect. I couldn't have been more right! Before I could even get it up the ratties were crawling in and out of the choob, poking their little heads out from the hole in the middle. It was adorable! And after feeling around the product, I could tell that it would take my girls a long time to chew through it, it's so durable. Great product; if I had more room, I would buy another!

Written by Julia Wickett on 26th Dec 2013

My ratites LOVE their medium choob!

I ordered this product as an early xmas present for fuzzies. When I gave it to them, before I could even hang it up in the cage, they were already crawling around in it. The product is so durable and will take my rats forever to destroy (they are major chewers). The size is perfect in my super deluxe exotic pet cage. It is so easy to hang up and clean. I could not ask anymore of this wonderful product, it is definitely my ratites fav cage comfort from fuzzbutt (double hammock is a close second)!