NEW SIZE Crush - Bugs & butterflies

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NEW SIZE - After seeing my fatboys piled up in their Crush I thought I'd change the design a bit and make it more roomy. 

It has a longer bottom now with an extra eyelet hole at the front that you can anchor to other hammocks, ropes or cage bars, and it also enables you to tilt the Crush and hang it more like a cone.

Measures approx 12" from rear seam to front, 6.5 high at the back and 10" high at the front, and 19" max width when hung. Will fit 3 average rats or 2 chins.

See the product comparison page for some helpful info. 
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SKU: crushnew-bugs
Width: 19.00 (in)
Height 10.00 (in)
Depth 13.00 (in)


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Written by Chloe on 1st Jan 2020

Good service and quality

I bought the corner crush, medium choob and resize ramp to get our ratty boys set up all cosily in their cage and they have all gone down very well! The items are really well made and feel lovely and thick & warm. The service provided by fuzzbutts is also really good, i contacted them a couple of days before christmas to see if they could arrive by xmas and the lady responded straight away and got them shipped asap and they arrived with time to spare! Very happy 5 stars!

Written by jess on 21st Jul 2018

great big comfy bed

My boys took to this right away. The holes are perfectly positioned so it sits perfectly in the corner of the cage. They eat food in it sleep in it sit in it groom in it. Thank you fuzzbutt!!! Still my go to! I have 2 huge cubes and they're a firm favourite.