All-polar Pumpkin Hooj "EvilHooj"

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Specially for Chinnie and piggie owners, an all-polar pumpkin HoojCube :)  A new design from Fuzzbutt!  EvilHooj has no teeth as it's pretty hard to do a jagged mouth with 5 layers of fleece.  So at least he won't bite :D

Luxury cubes are bigger and thicker than the Standard Cubes.
Better suited to floor-standing, great for guinea pig and small rabbit cages.
THREE INNER LAYERS of polar fleece padding, as well as the fleece lining – so that’s 4 layers of fleece.
See the product comparison page for some helpful info.
If cubes are out of stock, keep checking the “What’s being sewn?” page to see when new ones will be ready.
Size comparison with my other cubes:

Standard Snooze – 9l” x 6.5″h x 6.5″d
Luxury Snooze – 9″l x 8h” x 8″d
Luxury Hooj – 11.5″l x 7.5″h x 8.5″d


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SKU: evilhooj
Width: 11.50 (in)
Height 7.50 (in)
Depth 8.50 (in)


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