Do you include free hangers with your products?

No, you have to buy hangers separately, there is a great choice of them here.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes indeed, you can get an estimate on shipping prices on checkout.  For orders that are over 1.2kg they are sent tracked which will cost more but I am not prepared to risk sending these untracked or uninsured.  If postage comes in at less than what the shopping cart charges, I will always refund the difference.  Parcels over 1.2kg I will contact you to discuss a price, so the shopping cart will not initially charge you for shipping.  You can then decide if you want to reduce your order or cancel it if shipping is too high.

I don’t know which products are best for my cage/pet can you help?

We have a Cage Comparison page Product/pet comparison page HERE, these should help you.  Also look at the customer photo galleries which will give you a good idea of pet/product sizing.  If you're still not sure just drop me a line.

Can I return a product if I’ve bought the wrong size or I’m not happy with it?

Any product can be returned for a full refund as long as it has not been in a cage and exposed to animals.  Email if you need to return anything.

Can you make products on request to my specifications and measurements?

Due to the growing demand for Fuzzbutt products and the speed with which they sell I’ve stopped custom requests for the near future.  I wish I didn’t have to do this but I’m working flat out all the time just to keep the website stocked, and taking time out to do the volume of custom requests I was getting, was affecting the website stock and my stress levels quite seriously.  If you have a sick rattie with Hind Leg Degenration and you need a special cube making with a low and large entrance, please contact me as I will always try to help out for poorly ratties.

Can you customize existing products to meet my needs?

I can put eyelets into pre-sewn cubes if you have a Fuzzy who likes to chew the regular webbing hangers.  I guess it depends on what the customization is as to whether I can do it or not, so just drop me a line :).

I need some advice about my pet rat/chinchilla/hamster etc, can you help?

There are several large forums that have experts on hand to answer all your questions:

There are also lots of other Facebook pages devoted to small furry ownership, just do a Facebook search.