You can see customer reviews of my products if you scroll to the bottom of each product page.  I get many emails of thanks from customers which are always great to receive as it makes all the hard work worthwhile.   Some of these were also posted on my old website, now copied over.

Below is a superb poem written by customer Hayley.

I wake in the morning to a knock on the door,
I run to the porch hardly touching the floor.
There is the postman, with a bag in his hand,
“Give it to meeeeee!” I cheerfully demand.

For this parcel contains no ordinary thing,
Close the door, and back up the stairs I ping.
Burst into the rat room, and to my surprise,
On their back legs waiting are my 9 little guys.

For they heard the door go, and they know what that means,
New hammocks to sleep in for having nice dreams.
I rip open the bag, and to my delight,
A sea of bright colours meets my sight.

The rats are excited, and want to come see,
I open the door, but they run straight past me.
For the mountain of Fuzzbutts is what they demand,
After all, it is my rats favourite brand.

Poop and pee in the hammocks they may,
And make customisations in their own special way.
But one thing’s for sure, and I’ll say it out loud-
We are all FUZZBUTTS! – and we are proud ^_^

Just wanted to add a HUGE thanks for the lovely service, including paperclips and little bag of treats we got with our last order. The ratties were very pleased! ^_^

Barbara Mulreany

I am a regular customer to get soft items for my Chins and the service and products are always impecable. Wonderful owner of the site and very friendly. The 3/4 plammocks are truly a fantastic design and my chins can’t be without them


First time customer. Just placed an order for a bed for my guinea pig. Love the website. Can’t wait for my order to arrive.

Finally a place that sells warm comfy beds for guinea pigs! Thank you.


Thank you so much the girls (guinea pigs ) love the corner crushes.They are really well made and sooooo cosy.thanks again from the girls Willow,Wincey,Ruby,Faith.

Bernice Vickers

This site and products were recommended by the rat breeder we bought our rats from. So far have purchased a corner crush and homer crush – corner crush is well used and fortunately sturdily made so lasting well; homer crush together with supplied large paperclips was perfect to transport the 3 kittens in their pawprint carrier giving them somewhere warm to snuggle in. Would have bought more items, but they were out of stock! looking to purchase snooz cubes etc in the new year. Thanks for the excellent service.


Hi Rach, just to let you know that my order arrived this morning. Fantastic as always, I really don't know how you do it for that price. Even my husband who always thinks everything is too  expensive, could not believe the price of a product that is so beautifully made with such great quality materials .   If I think of the rubbish that I would get for the same price at somewhere like pets at home, it does not bare thinking about. My budget is very tight, but for such great quality I would be willing to pay more.



Thank you so much for my order.  The hangers are of a very good quality indeed so really happy with them.  As for the Luxury snooze cube - AMAZING!!

I love it.  excellent quality and very good value for money.  I'm hoping the entry & exit holes will prevent certain little furries from making their own!  Thank you again, I am really pleased with my order.

Kind regards


Thank you so much for my order. I found your site by doing an internet search after being badly let down by another hammock-maker. I am really impressed with the regular updates on the status of my order, and the speedy delivery. The products themselves look fantastic and are really well-made. I put two of the new beds in the cage of my elderly rattie, Puck, he's particularly impressed with the ChurchCube and will probably be demanding more of these in the near future (after all, he will have to get out when it needs to be washed!). Highly recommended, and I'll definitely be buying more!


I ordered the porthole cube, a corner crush and a sputnik XL for my boys. Riley wouldn't let me fix the porthole cube to the cage before he was in it, really made it difficult, but all fixed up now and he loves it! Bodger and Badger (the babies) love the corner crush and the sputnik, but prefer to torment Riley and follow him wherever he stops off for a snooze.

All of the products are of really high quality, better than hammocks I've had from other sites before, I'll see how they stand up to Riley who loves to chew jumpers. He is also well impressed with the box they came in!!

Thanks for the speedy delivery, the boys love their little parcel of treats too! and you gave the postie a laugh addressing it to me and the fuzzies!


Hi Rachel, I just opened the porthole pressie cube today and it is beyond cute! I love the ribbon on top and it just confirms what all of us fuzzie lovers know - our furries are without doubt the best present of all. Although I shall be keeping mine away from the tree!

Superbly made as always, nice and sturdy to withstand all the rough and tumble my boys will undoubtedly give it. Squishy and cosy, so just perfect for comfortable afternoon snoozes while I watch old movies on tv, now pass the chocs 'cause we're having a lazy day in . . . .


This was my first order, and WOW am I pleased! My guinea pigs love their Luxury HoojCubes. They are very thick and sturdy, yet so soft. Washing them is easy, I just throw them in on the gentle cycle with an extra rinse, then in the dryer on a low-heat setting and they hold up perfectly. Since they are SO well made, I have no doubt that they will hold together for years to come.

These are definitely worth the price, and even my largest guinea pig (over 3 lbs!) can fit in there comfortably, with room to spare. Using the large paper clips provided, they stay in one place attached only on the side to their C & C cages. Since there are two openings, there are no trapped guinea pigs during the occasional skirmish, and the all-fleece construction prevents any temptation to consume fabric as cotton sometimes does.

Thank you so much for this wonderful product, my girls and I will be back for more in the future! (We found you on Facebook!)

Nutmeg, Crumbles, Margie, Pippa, Miikka, and Alisa

Just wanted to say thank you so much for our order. The plammock and cube are fantastic! Really impressed with the quality and obvious work that goes into making these. I’m confident we’ll be making another order very soon as we’ve just upgraded to a much larger cage so need more to fill it! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Cal Dyer

I picked up my fuzzbutt order from the post office today, and couldn’t be happier!! The hammocks are beautifully made, and are really strong! My little fuzzies are chilling out as we speak.

Everything was such a good price too, and the little extra touches were really appreciated! Thank you so much icon-smile.gif


Have had our luxury hoojcube for a few months now and it is brilliant. It comfortably holds four ferrets at once, including our monster ferret, Eddie and doesn’t sag at the bottom like other makes we have tried. Love the black & red skull fabric too. Can’t wait for our halloween order. They are so pampered, lol.

Thank-you so much for making quality products with great fabrics. x

I bought a Luxury Snoozecube and a Luxury Hoojcube for my guinea pigs. I was really impressed with the quality of the products. I was also impressed with the amount of work and stitching that went into making the products. They were very thick, soft and sturdy. My guineas absolutely loved them! They kept running in the front and out of the sides again and again and when they ran out they were popcorning like crazy! I will definitely be ordering more from you!


My Lovely (and huge!) package arrived this morning filled with my Fuzzbutt Goodies! i ordered 2 Pumpkin Hoojcubes with the super plush insides and 2 snoozecubes with bat print fabric icon-smile.gif both were fantastic qaulity, and i also loved the Corner Cush we got for ordering over £40 icon-smile.gif my boys were very snug when i checked on them last and seem to be very happy for the extra room in the hoojcube!