500g fleece remnants

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A mailing bag stuffed with medium sized polar fleece remnants, ideal for stuffing into cubes for more warmth and nesting. Weight 500g, these will be available as long as I have enough remnants left! FuzzDude not included, sorry ;) You can wash and re-use the remnants, just get a net washing bag from ebay here.  Colours and patterns will vary.

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Written by Tracey Clayton on 24th Mar 2018

Fuzz in abundamce

My 2 tatties thought their Christmases and Birthdays had all come at once when their remnants came! They have some in their sleeping quarters, come in their plammock and some they just play hide and seek in! Can't believe how much we got and plenty still to put in at a later date. Absolutely brilliant thank you x

Written by sumpy@me.com on 13th Aug 2017

Remants make my ratites happy!

Always get lots of remnants , mine think they've got luxury when they get to carry these off to bed!

Written by Corrine Nicholson on 27th Oct 2016

My animals love snuggling up in all the fantastic colours .Great quality materials.

Always 5 star quality items. My fuzzies love snuggling up into these great remanants.

Written by Metallica Hamstery on 26th May 2016

A surprising favourite

I bought these not really knowing what I was going to use them for but thought they might be useful one day. I ended up giving a piece to one of my Chinese Hamsters whilst he was in his playbox to see what he'd do with it and he loved it! He pulled the ends around to make a hideaway and it's quickly become his special 'blankie'. I never expected a piece of fleece to be such a hit!

Written by Janet on 30th Sep 2015

Cosy Fleece Remnants

My ratties love these remnants. They are really cosy, strong pieces of absorbant fleece. They are great for placing inside their rody igloos especially.

Written by Ellie on 17th Dec 2014

Fleece scraps

Nice big pieces of fleece scraps that my rats love to make their nests out of!

Written by helaine grant on 21st Mar 2014

fuzzies cuddly nest

my fuzzies luv the oddments especially my really old man who is in the cage on his own as he can't cope with the wild little ones and he loves cuddling into the bits and nesting with them

Written by hayley_k on 6th Feb 2014

nice bundle

Nice bundle of remnants, I was surprised how much I got, my old lady rattie is loving all her new bedding... :) keeps her nice n warm :)

Written by Sparki05 on 4th Apr 2013


So many remnants! Perfect for keeping my chin snuggly warm in his house, and a great mix of patterns, sizes and types of fabric :) (Copied over from old website)