Welcome to the word of FuzzBags - bright, cheerful bags made with the finest funky fabrics.  I make these when my shoulder grumbles too much from sewing thick and heavy Fuzzbutt gear and I need to give it a break.  They are priced individually as the more complex bags that require a lot of cutting and piecing take much longer than the simpler bags.  Follow my Fabrics Instagram to see what bags are being made.

  • Measure approximately 12" along the bottom, 16" along the top, and are between 15 and 17" high with a gusset between 3.5-4" wide. 
  • The handles have a 15" drop and are enough to fit comfortably over your shoulder.
  • The handles have 4 layers of cotton and one of cotton wadding and are double stitched down each side.
  • Washing instructions are on the label inside the bag.
  • All bags have a twin inner slip pocket. 

These are soft bags, not stiff ones, but they have layers of cotton wadding and polycotton inside them and feel lovely and squishy!