Choose a gallery to view selected happy Fuzzy customer photos!  I've been sent many photos in the many years Fuzzbutt has been going, these are just a selection.

The links below go to my Photobucket albums where I store most of my customer photos.  Check out the Facebook page and my Instagram too, which both have lots of pics!

I love to see photos of your fuzzers looking snuggly in my gear – you can post them onto the Facebook page and/or email them to me, so I can upload to the galleries on this website.  The cutest most “Squeeee!” photos will be selected for the free Fuzzbutt calendars that I do every year, so make sure you take hi-res images if it’s a cute shot, but please make the file no bigger than 2000 pixels wide and/or 3mb in file size.  Send them to thanks!

See Fuzzbutt customer Becky Hissey on CBeebies "Me and my pets" programme.  Presenter Ferne meets Dylan and River and their pet rats Sven, Tommy and Gordon.  Fuzzbutt gear in their cage!