Hangers, remnants & FuzzBuddies

A choice of hangers for you, I recommend the "Lots o links" and the chin-friendly hangers for ease of use.  The "posh hangers" are stiffer to open and close.  Jumbo paperclips are a bulk budget option.

If your fuzzies like burrowing and hiding under piles of bedding, treat them to a bag of fleecy remnants, washable and reusable!  Remnants will only be visible when they are in stock.

The Fuzzbuddy is a companion for your Fuzzy if it needs anything to snuggle up to, nibble on, or fling around the cage. Made from fleece remnants they have polar stuffing and a single eyelet on one corner so you can fasten it to the side of the cage or hang it if you prefer.

Measure approx 7″ long and between 5 and 6″ wide.

50% of the proceeds from the sale of FuzzBuddies will be put into a pool for donation to Fuzzy rescues. The fund was reset on 5/10/20 and currently stands at £15

3/10/20 £75 donated to Mickelmarsh Mouse House.