"Homer" mini Corner Crush - various colours

Crush pattern
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A mini version of the original Fuzzbutt Corner Crush hammock for mice, hamsters, gliders, gerbils.  

Measures 6” along the bottom (outside), 5” inside, 4” high at the back, 6” high at the front, 11” spread when fully open. Polar fleece hidden inner, hangs by 3 eyelets.


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SKU: homercrush-var
Width: 9.00 (in)
Height 4.00 (in)
Depth 5.00 (in)


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Written by Anna on 17th Mar 2018

Adorable and well made!

Super cute! Excellent for fur babies who love to squish, like mine. Great quality, holds weight well, and not easily chewed up.

Written by Emily Hull on 22nd Apr 2016

I love them!

I love these mini corner crush's, they are so cute and perfect for my Syrian hamsters! One of them has adopted it as his 'please can I come out now?' space, he loves it! :)

Written by tulsi strand on 2nd Apr 2016

Lovely and cosy

I ordered 4 mini corner crushes in the pink hearts pattern. They are lovely. Strong, soft and lovely to look at. I can see why Fuzzbutt cage comforts come so highly recommeded on the hamster central forum!

Written by Bev on 24th Oct 2015

Just perfect!

These are so tiny but just perfect for a corner of the cage for a Chinese hamster & very cute to look at too. As with all my other fuzzbutt products very well made & great service.

Written by Metallica Hamstery on 17th Oct 2015

Another great purchase

I've bought from Fuzzbutts before and my little Chinese Hamster has adored her snuggly toys so when I found out that Fuzzbutts were launching a Corner Crush in the mini size, I just knew I'd have to get one for my spoilt girl. When it arrived, I took it over to the cage to decide where and how to hang it and before I knew it, she decided to hop in to have a look. I had to bribe her with seeds to get her out so I could attach the hooks. Needless to say, this is a hit with Lady May.