"Homer" mini Stack-a-Fuzz - Foxy foxes

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A mini version of the original Fuzzbutt "Stack-a-Fuzz" double hammock for mice, hamsters, gliders, gerbils.  Check out the short video in the "product videos" tab (big thanks to Vectis Hamstery!)

Stack up your smaller fuzzies in this lovely thick double hammock. They have a polar fleece lining, hidden polar fleece inner layer for more thickness, and a cotton outer. Top part of the hammock is 8" square, bottom 11" square approx.

These will also fit 3 full size ratties if they like to squish!

See the Fuzzy Gallery for customer photos or see the product comparison page for some helpful info.

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Width: 15.00 (in)
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Written by Maria Salgueiro on 23rd Dec 2017

Cutest print ever

Such great quality, my rats love everything FuzzButt <3

Written by Metallica Hamstery on 19th Nov 2017

Great as always!

My Chinese Hamsters really adore these hammocks and they have become a 'must have' in their cages. They love to dash up to the top level to wait for their seeds and snuggle up in the lower level after a busy playtime. These hammocks are beautifully made and wash well. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Written by Bev on 10th Oct 2015

Perfect size & just too cute!

These have always been a favourite with my little Chinese ham & this design is so cute & funny, makes her happy & makes me smile. Very well made, easy to clean & a great service as always.

Written by RatBubble on 10th Mar 2015

Fabulous product & service

Very good value. This item is so well priced for the level of quality, it's very durable, strong and well made. I was pleasantly surprised. Highly recommend. I will definitely be returning as this was my first shopping experience with you. Your email correspondence was very good too. Thank you

Written by Lucy on 31st Oct 2014


Our rats have barely climbed out of this since we installed it. Durable, comfy, and sturdy.

Written by Sharna on 11th Nov 2013

My dwarf hammies love this!

This is the perfect little hidey hole and rest-stop for my two dwarf hammies who love to climb right up to the top of the cage and swing on the bars. It is very well made and they love to sit inside and poke their heads out from the underneath layer. It also adds some vibrant colour to their cage.

Written by Sarah Osgood on 17th Oct 2013

my naked mice love it :)

Decided to upgrade the mice's old worn hammock & saw this. It was money well spent; the mice love it, the thick fabric, the nice cosy middle bit to hide in, the top to lie on or run over, it's massive (for them!), and attractive, possibly the best £5.50 I've ever spent! Great size for syrian and dwarf hamsters too.