"Lots of Links" plastic hangers

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If you have super-chewers then I would stick to metal hangers, some Chin and Degu owners do not use these.

The latest craze for your cage - "Lots of Links" are used to keep baby toys in prams, they are non toxic and BPA free and surprisingly tough when it comes to carrying weight.  Just push them together to form as many chains are you need to hang your cage gear. 

The bumps and textures on them may mean they won't fit through eyelets or other small hanging holes, but simply attach a regular metal hanger to the end that fits onto the hammock.  Brings a super splash of colour to your cage!  They come in a handy plastic bag to keep them all together.  24 hangers per pack.

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Written by Emily Sutherland on 3rd Jul 2020

Lots of links

I bought these for my rats cage and I’m so pleased I paid the bit extra for them as they are so easy to use and putting my new hammock and corner crush in was a breeze and I have loads left over. Definitely worth the bit extra.