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Plammocks are now a custom order, please allow minimum 7 days for it to be sewn.  Choose your fleece or fabric from the current selection on this website or just let me know girly or manly fabrics and I will tell you what I have in stock :)

Platform + Hammock = PLAMMOCK®!!

  • 26" x 15" (66 x 38cm approx)
  • Made to fit the Furet XL and Tower, and other large aviary cages.  See the product comparison page to help you decide.
  • TWO inner layers of polar fleece and then a polar fleece or cotton outer
  • Hidey igloo sewn to the top layer (also double layer inner fleece with a fleece/cotton outer)
  • 6 D rings on the underside for you to attach other cage furniture
  • Designed to hang from the left to right side of a Furet XL, but will also hang from front to back, only it will need longer clips on one side to reach.

The Plammock design is copyright Rachel Smith and Fuzzbutt Cage Comforts, registered LOC(07)C1.30-06. "Plammock" is also a registered trademark of Fuzzbutt Cage Comforts.

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SKU: Plammock-custom
Availability: Allow 7 days for Plammocks to be sewn
Width: 26.00 (in)
Depth 15.00 (in)


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Written by Jane on 9th Apr 2021


Thank you so much for our lovely new plammock’s

Written by Jane on 2nd Mar 2021


My Rattie boys just love plamack’s! I’ve bought them 6 now because they are so pretty, comfortable and well made, thank you so much for such for such a lovely product and I can’t recommend them highly enough! Love from Watty/wat,Blippi/Blip,Pikachu and Dougal

Written by Mark Braithwaite on 3rd Jul 2020


4th or 5th one I've had. My chins love them. Really well made and last, even though my 2 are chewers! Rache even modified my last one to try to distract them from chewing the main floor so we'll see how that goes!

Written by Mark Braithwaite on 23rd Jun 2020


My chins love their plammocks, just had to get a new one, as theyve finally destroyed their last one. Think this is the 4th theyve had now and their coming up 10 this year. Really well made and last for ages. If youve got chewers ask Rache if she'll sew in the extra offcuts to distract them from the main structure.

Written by zoe on 28th Apr 2018

Tough hammocks for ferrets

I now have 3 sets of plammocks for my furet tower cages and they make it easy for the ferrets to use the height of the cage and not just the floor area

Written by undefined on 10th Mar 2018

Lovely cage filler

Really thick and sturdy hammock, much bigger than I expected! I did order the deckchair floor but got sent the polka dot instead but that’s not a big issue. I’m sure my rats will love it

Written by Kathryn Shaw on 1st Oct 2016

Absolutely wonderful.

I bought this and a cheezwedge in the same order, and although I love them both, this one is definitely the ratties' favourite! Amazing quality, and so huge! It fits across the top of the cage and gives the rats an extra level to play/sleep on.

Written by undefined on 21st Aug 2016


Quality is excellent and exceptional value for money. The boys and I are very happy.

Written by Kat Konieczny on 29th May 2015


PLAMMOCKS r amazing..!!! ..this is great design 2 in 1 very strong as Denim is 1 of inner layers witch make tougher 4 big chewers ;) and its so well done its not jist 2 in 1 can b 3 in 1 as u can add diferent item like Cube or StackOfFuzz 2 the bottom clips (r sow under Plammock) AMAZING ITEM I LOVE IT AND MY RATTIES LOVING AS WELL