Pouch Pod - Pastel spots

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Multiway - hang vertically or horizontally.
It can fit 3 rats comfortably and one more if they like to squish, and 1-2 Chins depending on their sizes, when hung horizontally. 
If you hang it horizontal with the widest part pulled tight you will fit more in
Measures 16" wide at the back x 7" high by 12.5" deep.
Eyelet at the top of the entrance so it always stays open.
Polar fleece hidden inner with the usual all-over quilting to put off chewers.
The Pouch Pod design has been registered with the IP Office, number 6011131, and is a protected design.

Other Details
SKU: pod-spots
Width: 16.00 (in)
Height 7.00 (in)
Depth 12.50 (in)


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Written by Marianne Russell on 22nd Aug 2017

Our ratties love it.

We have this hanging horizontally at the top of the cage, they love snuggling in together. The wedge shape means they can squish in but still have easy access. This morning there were six of them inside, in spite of having choobs and cubes hanging in there too. Washes well.

Written by Sarah Nicholson on 14th Aug 2017

Super hideaway

I ordered this to see what my girls (rats) thought of a new hideaway in their cage. I hung it vertically and as soon as my rats got back in the cage they both jumped in and seemed to enjoy the hiding part of the design! Would definitely recommend and will be buying more. The opening is not floppy and stays nicely open.

Written by Linda Benny on 14th Aug 2017

Delighted Degus!

My girls love the new pouch pod. I have it hanging on the side of the cage, so it's like a kangaroo pouch. It fits 6 degus comfortably (well they look comfortable!) The only problem I have found is they are chewing around the pod entrance, so maybe that could be stronger, but unless it was made of metal they would still get through it! Very pleased, Many thanks, From: Linda & goos, Dotty, Spooky, Pip, Roo, Mouse & Spooky Two! xxx

Written by Meg and Amanda on 13th Aug 2017

Amazing as always!

Got the package very quickly and as usual I was once again blown away by Fuzzbutts amazing quality work! The fabrics are so bright and fun and it was much bigger than I expected (which is a good thing because we have lots of boys who love to squish in the same place) They are thick and very padded so they are comfy cosy for our ratties! I also love this design and it is easy to hang anywhere and our boys adore it! Great value for money and our boys don't chew them that much because of how good the stitching is and how thick the material is! 10/10!