Pouch Pod - Woodland foxes

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Multiway - hang vertically or horizontally.
It can fit 3 rats comfortably and one more if they like to squish, and 1-2 Chins depending on their sizes, when hung horizontally. 
If you hang it horizontal with the widest part pulled tight you will fit more in
Measures 16" wide at the back x 7" high by 12.5" deep.
Eyelet at the top of the entrance so it always stays open.
Polar fleece hidden inner with the usual all-over quilting to put off chewers.
The Pouch Pod design has been registered with the IP Office, number 6011131, and is a protected design.

Other Details
SKU: pod-woodfox
Width: 16.00 (in)
Height 7.00 (in)
Depth 12.50 (in)


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Written by Jodie Sargent on 29th Jul 2019


Warm, soft and I absolutely love the pattern of woodland foxes.

Written by Catherine on 7th Jul 2019

Pouch pod

This little pouch pod is really cool. Both my rats love it - the shy guy can burrow in the corner and feel hidden away, and the nosy guy can hang out by the entrance and watch the world go by. Laid out flat I think 3 could snuggle in there, but 2 fit nicely. The design is really cute and washes well, and the attachment points are sturdy. The entrance stays wide open by itself which is nice. I have a voracious chewer who lives to shred hammocks so he can squeeze in between the layers. I nearly gave up on spending money on nice-looking or warm, multilayer hammocks. But the quilt stitching has so far stopped him chewing anything more than coin-sized holes on the inside - he can't easily make new exits or get between the fabrics, which will really extend its lifespan!! This is definitely going to be my go-to shop for rat stuff now.

Written by Denise D on 18th Oct 2018

Spider Pouch Pod

My guys love this especially my naked guy. Great quality!

Written by Corinna Foster on 12th Oct 2017

Clever design

Ordered the ghost version of this for a group of female rats. Its so cute! Their cage doesn't have bars on the roof!! So this attached to the side of their cage perfectly. They look so snug and warm inside too, Usually see 3 of 5 in here and two up in a corner hammock- which is also brilliant I might add :D

Written by Debbie Emmerson on 30th Sep 2017

another raging success

Well done Rachel, once again you've designed a hammock that is hugely popular. My girls love the sit on top style of hammocks (e.g. stack a fuzz) but are loving the warmth and comfort of the new pod now the weathers getting colder.