"Posh" hangers (per clip)

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SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.  Please note, if you have limited dexterity in your hands and fingers you may find these difficult to open.

A clip and swivel with a keyring end for attaching to your cage.  Heavy duty and robust!  For clips that are quick to open and better suited to Chinchillas see the Chin-friendly hangers.  These can be handy to use as permanent hangers in the cage at set positions, from which you can hang chains or easier-to open hangers :)

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Written by Chris Shaffer on 9th Mar 2017

Strong hands required

I would only use these to permanently mount something. It took all my strength to get the clips open and hooked on the bars of the cage, and I'm a strong-handed person. My partner who has rheumatoid arthritis would never be able to open these. Even I am afraid of pinching my fingers in them. That said, they are sturdy, the swivels work fine, and if you aren't going to move them often they should work great. I'll go with the chin-friendly clips in future.

Written by undefined on 21st Aug 2016

Good but stiff

Before using these I wouldn't have said that I had any manual dexterity problems but I find these very stiff, even to just attach to cage bars. The chin-friendly clips are much easier and so I now use these alone or in combination with the posh hangers. They are very good quality though and there is no doubt that they are very sturdy.

Written by Emily Hull on 22nd Apr 2016

Decent clips!

Very sturdy, not as easy to use as the chin-safe ones but perfect for the snooze cubes!!

Written by Jillian on 11th May 2015

Very secure but quite stiff

The design of these clips is excellent and they are definitely secure but they are very stiff and although I got them on the cage ok, I had to get my husband to take them down again. Hopefully they will loosen off a bit with use.

Written by Christine Bjerregaard on 2nd Apr 2015

Very strong and very secure!

No doubt that these hooks are very strong and stable! But they are rally tight and (I think) hard to use. Maybe I'm just not strong enough:D They are very strong and I trust a 100% that they hold. But for someone like me (weak:D), who rearranges the cage all the time, they are perhaps a little too hard to use. But they are strong and very secure!