Luxury Pumpkin Hooj Cube

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The original and the best Pumpkin Cubes, made by Fuzzbutt since 2009.  A must-have for your Halloween cage!
Luxury cubes are bigger and thicker than the Standard Cubes.
Better suited to floor-standing, great for guinea pig and small rabbit cages.
THREE INNER LAYERS of polar fleece padding, as well as the fleece lining – so that’s 4 layers of fleece.
See the product comparison page for some helpful info.
If cubes are out of stock, keep checking the “What’s being sewn?” page to see when new ones will be ready.
Size comparison with my other cubes:

Standard Snooze – 9l” x 6.5″h x 6.5″d
Luxury Snooze – 9″l x 8h” x 8″d
Luxury Hooj – 11.5″l x 7.5″h x 8.5″d

Piggie owners - for the best floor-standing cubes choose the ones with a polar fleece outer as they are the thickest.


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Width: 11.50 (in)
Height 7.50 (in)
Depth 8.50 (in)


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Written by Kirsty McLuckie on 24th Sep 2020

Loved it!!

Absolutely love the new spooky den for our little ratties. Cant wait to put it in the cage for their bday!

Written by undefined on 11th Oct 2018

Looks fantastic

This looks amazing in the cage, sadly my 8 girls prefer to cramp onto a single corner crush. I'm hoping one day they see how great this product is

Written by Boris on 21st Oct 2017

Very well made!

Big enough for three rats. Rats like it very much.

Written by Jan on 29th Oct 2016

My rats love this!

My 5 girl rats love this product - they can all pile in and then quite often sleep on top too! Only issue is they love chewing it too - so I expect it will not be long before I need to buy another one!

Written by undefined on 20th Oct 2016

Happy ratties

Great design. All 4 of my boys have been enjoying snuggling together in it.

Written by Cheryl on 9th Nov 2015

Happy chins

Wonderful product, very well made. Only slight issue is that my girls want to nibble the eyes!

Written by kelly on 2nd Oct 2015

love the pumpkin

Fuzzbutt me and my ratties just love your Pumpkin Hooj Cube would of loved to get a rattie toy with it ? gorgeous xx

Written by Dara on 20th Nov 2014

Lovely Hooj Cube, my boys love it.

Great size, really substantial. The boys love it. The material is thick and they haven't been able to destroy it!

Written by emma on 9th Nov 2013

perfect ratty bed

my ratties loved the cube,settled into it straight away, they loved the soft fleece lineing generous sized cube, ideal for my two guys beautifully made, and makes a good addition to the rats cage

Written by Barb on 3rd Nov 2013

My ratties loved this! :)

As soon as I put it in the cage, all four of the girls were carrying mouthfuls of newspaper into it to make it home for themselves ^_^ One in particular is reluctant to get out of it even when I have to clean the cage. We got a ton of compliments on it from visitors (even those who usually avoid the rat cages at all costs...) and pretty much everyone thought it was one of the most clever and quirky animal related products they'd seen in a long time!