"Stack-a-Fuzz" - Zig zag

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Polar fleece lining, hidden polar fleece inner layer for more thickness, and a polar fleece or cotton outer.
Top part of the hammock is 10" square, bottom 15" square.
See the product comparison page for some helpful info.  If hammocks are out of stock, keep checking the “What’s being sewn?” page to see when new ones will be ready.

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Width: 15.00 (in)
Depth 15.00 (in)


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Written by Debbie Emmerson on 1st Oct 2017

a firm favourite

The 'stack a fuzz' is my rats favourite type of hammock and this one is, as always, up to the amazing standards that you always get with Fuzzbutt's. Love the Halloween colours too.

Written by Sheena on 1st Oct 2017

the ratties LOVE this.

as ever, the stack a fuzz is amazing quality, and four girls (or my two boys) pile in with masses of room to spare. they are enjoying their new fuzzes SO much. the boys were climbing in even while I was in the process of hanging theirs up.

Written by Debbie Emmerson on 30th Sep 2017

a favourite with mine

My girls have always loved a 'stack a fuzz' and this one is, as always, up to the amazing standards that you always get with Fuzzbutt's.

Written by chinmom on 25th May 2017

My chinchillas love it

It was with some trepidation that I ordered this Stack-a-Fuzz, because my chins hated the hammock that I tried to make for them. They didn't like "floor" that isn't solid underfoot and they attacked the edges of the fleece like it was an enemy. They've never had any fabric furnishings or toys so maybe they saw it as a trespassing animal? But they absolutely love the Stack-a-Fuzz. Maybe because it's a "hide" and not an open hammock, or maybe because its multiple layers and reinforced stitching make it sink less when walked on. Either way, my alpha has been sleeping in it since I installed it a few days ago, and sometimes allows beta to snuggle in with him, too. They do nibble on the edges, though. They are chinchillas, after all. One corner has had the turquoise and yellow fleece chewed through already, showing the white inner layer. And it's only been 4 days. I hope they stop doing that soon. Would be a shame if they manage to gnaw the grommet loose.

Written by Kai on 8th May 2017

For a softie!

Great quality and very suitable for Furries

Written by natasha on 5th Feb 2017

love it!!

Love it!! I always love fuzzbutts stuff but I absolutely adore the pink elephants makes my cage look loads brighter and more girly!! Would deffo recommend any product from here :) please keep doing these lush colours!!

Written by Kirsty on 29th Dec 2014

Amazing- my chinny boys love it!

After they destroyed their previous house I ordered my young chinchillas this stack a fuzz as their bed. They adore it! I am so pleased with this and everything else I bought that I will definately buy again! It's durable enough that they have been put off chewing it, and thick enough to keep them snug when they need it. Thank you so much!

Written by hayley kent on 18th Aug 2014

fantastic as always :)

First time buying the stack a fuzz & Alot bigger than I expected :) which is fab, lots of room for my new kits :) nice and thick aswell, they look so snuggly in it & they seem very pleased with it. Thanks so much xx

Written by Hev on 17th Feb 2014

Stack-a-fuzz pink star black

Fantastic quality as always. My boys love this so much, but are quite on the large size. Rache if you're ever making any xl sizes I'll definitely be buying some for my fattie bums :)