"Stack-a-Fuzz" - Candy corn/sweets

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Polar fleece lining, hidden polar fleece inner layer for more thickness, and a polar fleece or cotton outer.
Top part of the hammock is 10" square, bottom 15" square.
See the product comparison page for some helpful info.  If hammocks are out of stock, keep checking the “What’s being sewn?” page to see when new ones will be ready.

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SKU: stack-candysweets
Width: 15.00 (in)
Depth 15.00 (in)


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Written by Jodie Sargent on 12th Nov 2017

Soft and Comfy

my girls love their stack-a-fuzz i will get pictures updated to your page soon. They say thankyou very much xx

Written by Sheena on 7th Nov 2013

LOVE this.

this is my second stack a fuzz, after it trialled in the halloween goodies last year, to a chorus of WE NEED MORE OF THESE. they are universally popular with my ratties, and my Barnabus particularly likes sleeping on top of things rather than in things, so this suits him just fine. it's a good large size, I'd love to know the record for the number of rats happily enjoying one (if the average sputnik use is anything to go by, it's probably in the hundreds ;) ) as usual, the fabric is good quality, and the workmanship is excellent and sturdy. love it. will definitely order more in this style in the future.