Stack and a half - Pink zebra

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A regular Stack-a-Fuzz hammock with half the length added on,
Measures approx: 16" along the top half x 10" wide, 24" along the bottom half x 16" wide.
Great for large groups of Fuzzies!
Holds at least 8 big boy rats in the bottom half, more smaller female rats, tons of baby rats, and at least 3 Chinchillas, with room on the top half for more.
Quilted all over to discourage chewing with an invisible layer of polar fleece inside for extra padding.

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Written by Catherine Wilde on 18th Apr 2021

Amazing! <3

Cute, comfortable hammock that my rat boys absolutely loved to snuggle in (and also loved to chew to bits). Superb construction and withstands a lot before there's any issues. I'd recommend to anybody who wants to treat their small furries :)

Written by Jodie on 1st Jan 2020


My elders absolutely love it, they spend there time together sleeping in it and don’t want to leave lol. It’s gorgeous fabric and nice and soft.