Stack and a half - Zig zag blue polka

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A regular Stack-a-Fuzz hammock with half the length added on,
Measures approx: 16" along the top half x 10" wide, 24" along the bottom half x 16" wide.  Great for large groups of Fuzzies!
Holds at least 8 big boy rats in the bottom half, more smaller female rats, tons of baby rats, and at least 3 Chinchillas, with room on the top half for more.
Quilted all over to discourage chewing with an invisible layer of polar fleece inside for extra padding.

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Other Details
SKU: stackhalf-zigbluspot
Width: 24.00 (in)
Height 7.00 (in)
Depth 16.00 (in)


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Written by Bethanie on 20th Apr 2020


I adopted a pair of rats for the first time since I last owned them a good few years ago; this was my first time ordering from fuzzbutts and I'm impressed! The quality and durability is much better than hammocks I've ordered in the past; and the boys are having a lot of fun nesting with all the extra fleece fragments sent in the package! Thank you!

Written by Penny on 16th Jun 2018

Degu heaven

Chose this hammock as it had stitching across it (In the past, they've chewed the felt area and then get stuck between the felt and patterned material), as well as having a 'roof' in it. They sleep inside the hammock (probably feels like being in a burrow, especially when they've arranged their bedding just right) and love to sit on top of it and peruse the world around them. So yep, the hammock is perfect for my four degus.

Written by Marie-Claire Joyce on 28th Jan 2018

A Double Bedroom with a View

My 4 girl ratties absolutely love this product. It's very rare to find them all snuggled up together in the same place but with this "Stack & a Half" you can bet they are ALL in the same spot. They look so snug and happy in there I wish I had one too!