Stack and a half - Blue kitty cats

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A bigger Stack-a-Fuzz suitable for multiple fuzzy pile-ups icon-smile.gif.  The "Stack and a half" is a regular Stack with half the length added on, it provides a super comfy hammock-tunnel so your fuzzies can stretch out and snooze in a nice big pile.  I would say the Stack and a half can hold at least 8 big boy rats in the bottom half, more smaller female rats, tons of baby rats, and at least 3 Chinchillas, with room on the top half for more.

The Stack and a half measures approx:

  • 16" along the top half x 10" wide
  • 24" along the bottom half x 16" wide

Quilted all over to discourage chewing with an invisible layer of polar fleece inside for extra padding. 

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Written by Elaine Willingham on 18th Dec 2018


I am so pleased with this hammock, and my chinnies love it. They can both fit comfortably on top or inside and like to snuggle together. It's really well made and sturdy.