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Made from remnants stashed in my cupboard for years!

Standard Snooze Cubes have two inner layers of polar fleece plus a lining of polar fleece, and a fleece or cotton outer.
Hold 2/3 rats or 1/2 Chins. These quantities are a very loose guideline however, as many more have been known to pile in and squish up!
See the product comparison page for some helpful info.
If cubes are out of stock, keep checking the “What’s being sewn?” page to see when new ones will be ready.
Size comparison with my other cubes:

Standard Snooze – 9l” x 6.5″h x 6.5″d
Luxury Snooze – 9″l x 8h” x 8″d
Luxury Hooj – 11.5″l x 7.5″h x 8.5″d

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SKU: stdsnooze-stars
Width: 9.50 (in)
Height 6.50 (in)
Depth 6.50 (in)


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Written by Mrs Squirrel Manning on 9th Mar 2018

Absolute chill zone for rats

My girls love their cube. It is so snug and just perfect for a snuggle together in the cold days of winter. Best with extra side porthole if you like to have a good view of them. The ultimate in rat chic!

Written by Louise Stothard on 6th Aug 2016

love them

my boys love yet another one of your items! so cute looking and so well made too! took them a few days and then i turned it around so they weren't "on show" and they now literally live in it! have now purchased one of these, a stack a fuzz, and xl choob, a corner crush, and have just ordered another xl choob (as they are obsessed) and a plammock! love that they are washable too! thank you for being amazing!

Written by Emma on 18th Nov 2015


This item is perfectly constructed out of quality fabrics and polar fleece, in numerous attractive designs. My Sugar Gliders absolutely love Fuzzbutt creations, they last so long, i rarely have to replace, and when I do, it's normally because I want to look at something new!

Written by Gemma on 2nd Sep 2014

Moo cubes

Whilst my chinnie girls hate one another they have found some common ground in that they both LOVE their moo cubes. Sleeping has never been so much fun apparently. Occasionally the odd whisker, tail or foot appears out of one of the windows. Their hammocks are so last year! The cubes are so easy to hang and are really sturdy so don't need to be stood on a shelf or floor.

Written by Moonbeam on 16th Mar 2014

Moonbeam hides Allsorts in this

Moonbeam is a young re-home Chinchilla and he was into this cube before I even had chance to hang it up properly. He stashes his Goji berries, cactus flowers , raisins, bits of pine cone and poos in here. It's a great place for him to siesta and avoid the daytime sun. It's made to a very high quality and I don't know how you do it for the price!

Written by Ella on 5th Aug 2013

The whole world in a rat's hand!

Grayson, my rat, received his new snooze cube in the post the other day. No sooner had I attached it in his cage then he was straight in it snoozing! Before I started using Fuzzbutt products I used another cube but it was quickly destroyed and very thin. These snooze cubes are very well padded and even when you push your hand down you cannot feel the cage through the material. They also stand regular washing, even on high temperatures. No doubt this is why Grayson likes to plan his world domination from inside the cube every day!