XL Choob - Stars & moons LAST ONE

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The XL Choob is made for larger cages and measures 25" x 9". Hangs with 4 eyelets with two peep holes in the top.
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SKU: xlchoob-starmoon
Width: 25.00 (in)
Height 9.00 (in)


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Written by Hazel Furness on 15th Feb 2017


Chin loved it straight away, well made and great idea

Written by Laura Vooght on 3rd Aug 2015

My rats went crazy

At first I thought the holes in the top were a little pointless but then since my 8 girls started to investigate it became clear why theyre there. I also have chewers so this stops them from doing so as the holes are already placed. They love it.

Written by Marianne on 21st Nov 2014

Plenty room for 4 rats, they love it

With open ends and two holes in the top our girls spent the afternoon playing a ratty version of whack -a- mole. A wee head would pop up, disappear then reappear elsewhere. Great fun.

Written by Sam on 3rd Mar 2014

Fantastic :D

This tube is great, I am glad I bought the XL one as it fits in the cage much better when hung along the length of the cage however I am tempted to buy the shorter version too to hang along the width of it. Took the boys a while to realise they can get INSIDE the tube as well as just on top but they were fast asleep in there this morning so it is a thumbs up from them too!

Written by Sam on 3rd Mar 2014

Beautifully made :)

I haven't actually used this product yet as I ordered quite a few hammocks and some will be used when the current selection in being washed, but I can say that is is made to a high standard, the material looks lovely and I can't wait for the next cage change to try it out :D