XL Choob - Crash bang boom

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The XL Choob is made for larger cages and measures 25" x 9". Hangs with 4 eyelets with two peep holes in the top.
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SKU: xlchoob-crashboom
Width: 25.00 (in)
Height 9.00 (in)


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Written by Jade Tiger Thomas on 13th Jul 2019

XL Choob

My girls absolutely love this choob! The generous size means they can all four fit comfortably without squabbling. It’s made from sturdy, well sewn cosy fabric (in an awesome print) so even though it’s got some extra holes chewed in it now it’s still got plenty of life in it yet! Would highly recommend

Written by undefined on 16th Jul 2016

Huge hit

I had only had my 4 boys for a week when the choob arrived.... they had been nervous of everything I put in the cage except this! They love it! So well made and the boys cuddle up in there all cosy! Will only ever order from here now!

Written by damo on 16th Nov 2014

juat perfect!

Quality material my two Degus love it (;