XL Choob - Mini skulls

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The XL Choob is made for larger cages and measures 25" x 9". Hangs with 4 eyelets with two peep holes in the top.
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SKU: xlchoob-skulls
Width: 25.00 (in)
Height 9.00 (in)


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Written by Maaike on 21st Jul 2017

So much fun!

My ratties love these big choobs. They use it for everything: sleeping, hiding food, running up and down, playing. Very good quality product ^^

Written by Deanna,Kevin, Louie & Gizmo on 9th Jan 2014

Fab product

I bought this for my 2 chinchilla's Louie & Gizmo and just like the other Fuzzbutt products I've bought they absolutely love it. As soon as I brought the delivery into the living room and opened it they ran to the doors of their cage and their wee noses started twitching and they knew it was for them and again we never even got the chance to hang it up and they were straight in. This product just like the others is very well made and sturdy and now my boys have another comfy place to sleep and sit.

Written by undefined on 8th Sep 2013

Great product

My rats like this extra large tube, it's thick and sturdy and very good quality. They like sleeping in it and peering out the holes in the top :)

Written by sparki015 on 2nd May 2013


Really well-made product, and it's enooorrrmous! My chin Charlie got straight in and he absolutely loves it! He's been popping up out of the peeky holes all afternoon, it's adorable :) thanks so much for more amazing Fuzzbutt gear!