XL Choob - Camo

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The XL Choob is made for larger cages and measures 25" x 9". Hangs with 4 eyelets with two peep holes in the top.
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SKU: xlchoob-camo
Width: 25.00 (in)
Height 9.00 (in)


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Written by Laura on 2nd Mar 2018

Ratties favourite

Our 5 boys absolutley love these choobs - it's hilarious to see one sticking out of each end and another 2 poking out the holes in the top! As always with Fuzzbutt products, the quality is excellent - thick layers of well stitched fabric = longer life span, even with the inevitable chewing and 'nest building' activity, we wash and re use our Fuzzbutt stuff for months, sometimes years. Wouldn't buy from any other company, as nobody else comes close with quality.

Written by undefined on 20th Mar 2014


Jumbo sized to fit in so much more. I think I've had 4 boys in there but couldn't see for sure. There is always at least one choosing it above all the other choices.

Written by Rachael on 15th Sep 2013

another brilliant product

My boys absolutely love this. They play in it, sleep in it and a few of them even sleep on top like its a hammock. Their new favourite :)