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What's being sewn?

This page is for you to keep an eye on what I’m sewing and what products are coming up next.  I work a desk job 4 days a week and I do Fuzzbutt on evenings, weekends and Fridays so there may be a short wait for products. I have the fabulous Fuzzbutt Ladies also sewing some gear for me but their turnover times vary.

September 2021 (updated 20/9/21):

  • Halloween sewing has begun!  I have a lot to get through which always affects my ability to sew regular non-Halloween stock :
  • Pumpkin pattern Standard Snoozes, Stack-a-Fuzz and Homer cubes - in production
  • Spooky eyes Homer Cubes - in the queue
  • Zig zag Corner crushes - online now
  • Scatter fox 12.5x17" hammocks - online now
  • Pouch Pods - More in the queue - blue stars ones onlie now
  • Luxury Hooj & Snooze Cubes - non-Halloween ones in the queue
  • Cage Condos - in the queue